Here are some other sites I enjoy. Some of them are related to card games, while some of them are related to other subjects. Like most people, I have diverse interests. I try to investigate the reputation of sites before I link to them, but obviously, I’m only providing these listings for entertainment and educational purposes. I can’t be held responsible for the content on anyone else’s site. – Board games and card games.

Cryptozoic – Maker of licensed card games based on properties like DC Comics, The Walking Dead, and Castle. They also make board games. – Maker of fine board games and “living” card games. – GM advice blog for roleplayers. – My kind of RPG blog. – I used to link directly to their card games page, but they changed their URL structure. Now I just link to their homepage. – Card games around the world.

Steve Jackson Games – I link directly to their card games page. They have several interesting offerings besides Munchkin. I especially like Illuminati and Burn in Hell. – Old school renaissance RPG blog. – More about the old school renaissance movement in RPGs. – Funny spoof of classic RPGs. – I used to link to their card games page directly. They no longer have a page dedicated to just card games, though, so I’m linking to their home page now. Their “light games” page has quite a few in the category, though.


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