Here’s a list of all the reviews I’ve written on this site to date. They’re organized in alphabetical order:

I’ve also just started including some articles on the site. As the list of articles grows, so will the list below:


11 thoughts on “List

  1. Hi there,

    I have a board game you might like. We launched our Kickstarter yesterday and we’re trying to drum up some publicity. If you are interested or want to get involved, let me know.

  2. Hi there,

    I am currently kickstartering a new card game and wondering whether you would be interested looking at it.

    Thanks for your time and sorry if this is the wrong way to contact you, I could not find an email.

    Regards, James

  3. Hi Donald, would you be interested in reviewing my new game?
    It’s currently on kickstarter.
    Get in touch if you are interested.

  4. Hi
    Just launched a new game on Kickstarter called TEN. TEN is a fast paced card game designed to promote brain health in a fun, accessible way. Great for players of all ages 2+. Please check out the campaign.


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