Jab Realtime Boxing Card Game Review

The Jab Realtime Boxing card game is unlike any other card game I’ve ever played, and I mean that in a positive way. You know how in most card games you take turns, and in fact, in most card games, it’s a serious breach of etiquette or even cheating to act out of turn? Jab doesn’t have turns. You and your opponent play your cards as fast or as slow as you want to, and fast isn’t necessarily better.

People who don’t like stress or pressure won’t enjoy the Jab Realtime Boxing card game. There are actually multiple games going on all at the same time. For example, you’re looking for opportunities to land combos. But at the same time, you’re trying to keep up with opportunities to land haymakers and possibly score a knockout. AND at the same time, you’re also trying to land more punches. And at the end of each round, your opponent gets to eliminate one of the piles of punches you’ve landed, and you have to choose between the other two. So you have to remember where you landed the most punches without the opponent blocking them.

All of this is accomplished with the use of boxing figures, similar to the cars in the Car Wars card game, except your boxer is comprised of multiple cards, representing your head and body, and representing either side of them.

The game is actually simple enough that you can play it with a child, and if you’re not careful, a child could even beat you fairly easily. Intuitive types who don’t rattle tend to be better at this game than high strung types who get stressed out easily.

If you like innovative games, then you’ll love Jab Realtime Boxing. If you’re a fan of video games like Fight Night Round 3, then you’ll probably also love Jab Realtime Boxing. You should probably be able to tell based on this review if it sounds like something you’d enjoy. I recommend trying it.

I also thought the game has a lot of replay value, because you can vary your strategy and focus on various aspects of the game. In fact, if you play long enough, you’ll eventually develop your own style, just like you would if you were a real boxer. Maybe you’ll be a big counterpuncher, or maybe you’ll be a speed guy. You might be a really defensive player or a really aggressive player. These approaches can all work, IF you play well.

I should also point out that this game sells for only $19.95, which makes it one of the most affordable card games of this type on the market. Given Jab’s excellent replay value, that represents a great value for your card game dollar.

The Jab card game is as good a card game as I’ve ever played, and I’ve played a lot of card games. It ranks right up there next to Dominion in my pantheon of greatest card games of all time. Give it a try, seriously.


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